How to Wash a Wetsuit


How to Wash a Wetsuit

Even if your wetsuit has been on the water all day doesn't mean it's cleaned! If you're looking to extend the lifespan of your favourite Wetsuit, and

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Even if your wetsuit has been on the water all day doesn’t mean it’s cleaned! If you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your favourite Wetsuit, and to keep it looking and feeling great then you must make sure you clean it up thoroughly after each trip.

However, you shouldn’t put your wetsuit in the washing machine as you would normal bathing suits.

Do you feel your wetsuit is in need of a thorough scrub but you’re not how to begin? We’re here to assist! Here’s everything you should learn about washing your wetsuit.

Start by rinsing

When you’re ready to end your day then you’ll need to begin cleaning your wetsuit — particularly when you’ve been swimming in saltwater. Begin cleaning your wetsuit before your suit begins to dry by giving it a thorough freshwater rinse. Utilizing a hose or showerhead, wash the outside of your suit.

Many people prefer to wear their suits in the shower in order to wash it off. However, this can leave a some residue on the inside of the suit. Therefore, after you’ve cleaned the outside you can flip the suit and rinse it out to wash off the remainder of it.

After your wet suit has been well rinsed, you can put off the remainder of the cleaning process until you’re back home.

Use the Right Soap!

If you’re looking for a thorough way to clean your wetsuit, without damaging it, then you’ll require a small amount of wetsuit-safe soap. There are plenty of great wetsuit detergents that are available, and they all function more or less similar to each other. However, make sure to read the label prior to using to be on the safe side.

In your bathtub, large sink or even a big bucket filled with water as well as wetsuit cleaner. Make sure that your wetsuit is on the right side and that all zippers have been unzipped. Finally, thoroughly submerge your wetsuit into the cleaner. Kneel and stir the wetsuit for a few seconds to make sure the cleaner can get to all the way to your suit.

After cleaning has been completed and the detergent had the chance to perform its task take the soapy water out and thoroughly wash your wet suit once more to eliminate any other cleaner.

Time to Drip Dry

After your wetsuit has been well-maintained and clean It’s time to let it air dry so that you can keep it in storage until the next adventure in the water.

Put your wetsuit on a sturdy and thick hanger that is in a cold dark, and dry area such as a garage or perhaps your bathroom and then wait. It may take a few hours to get your wetsuit dry, but you can speed the drying process by installing an air conditioner.

When the exterior of your suit feels like it’s dry, remove off the hanger, turn it upside down, then hang it again so that the inside can completely dry.

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How to Wash a Wetsuit

Now that you’ve learned how to wash your wetsuit, you’re ready to clean!

Are you in search of additional tips on how to care for your wetsuit as well as other equipment for the water? We’ve got you covered! Explore the rest of our blog for additional helpful content today!