AUTOMOTIVE WRITE FOR US Guidelines for Sending Articles as well as the Content Strategy is a top portal on the web for professional publications that communicates with a large online audience, and has more than 20000+ email customers. Our primary focus is on content that is informative for auto dealers using written instructions and management reports that are believed to be accurate. Automotive Although we do contain general information or market data that is related to our goal of training but we’re not an information publication.

Our other aim is to support vendors who offer useful products or services that help automobile dealers reach out to our visitors to our dealerships. Since many of the services and benefits are described in our write-ups are based on real-world examples, the suppliers who sell the items or services are usually experts in their respective field.

We are of the opinion that our readers are aware that a large portion of our expert authors are companies. While such a strategy will certainly be criticized by the level of a news magazine, it’s our intention to give an opportunity for suppliers to be heard in the event that they are able to educate on the latest techniques and concepts, instead of promoting their products or service. We believe this policy lets us perform a superior job in educating dealerships more effectively than other magazines.

One of the main objectives we have in the publication is the creation of an environment where dealers can find out about vendor products, services and even technologies. This will benefit the dealer but is it is also beneficial for the vendor. We believe that this is the most effective way for suppliers to be aware of new products and services. Vendors are typically the main vehicle authority for a specific area.

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