Get Car Care Tips


Get Car Care Tips

Get Car Care Tips With air conditioning becoming increasingly widespread in India there is another fluid level to be inspected. It is recommended to

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Get Car Care Tips

With air conditioning becoming increasingly widespread in India there is another fluid level to be inspected. It is recommended to run your air conditioning at minimum every week, and not only when it is hot to keep it running.

Manufacturers of cars recommend Air Conditioning Systems are serviced every two years. Fully functional systems offer you a number of benefits.

Make sure that the right temperatures are reached.

Reduces the amount of pollen and pollutants that enter your car.

Saves you money.

Lowers levels of chloroflurocarbons (CFCs) in the air.

It prolongs the life of your vehicle’s cooling system.

An excellent tip for winter is to use the air conditioning in order to avoid your windshield from getting misty.

Air filter

Air filters are cheap However, when they become filthy, they can significantly decrease the efficiency of your vehicle and could result in a fine if you fail an emission test at the side of the road. Filters that are dirty must be removed as quickly as is possible. It’s a simple task to perform, however you should consult the manual if you’re uncertain, or bring it to an auto repair shop.


A majority of batteries have “maintenance free” stamped on them, so you don’t ever have to look at the levels. If your battery isn’t “maintenance free”, you need to remove the plastic caps and test the amount of substance in the inside (electrolyte). If the level is low, you can top it up with distilled waterand and not water from the tap.

You should also be sure to check the condition of the terminal. If they’re corroded and the wires are corroded, remove them (negative off first , and then positive to the top) and clean them up using the wire brush, and then grease them with Vaseline or regular grease to avoid corrosion coming back.

Be aware that batteries contain powerful acid and it is important to be careful when checking them and taking them out.


To protect yourself It is essential to examine the brake shoes or pads. They are constructed of the heat-resistant friction material that deteriorates when they are clamped to the disc or being pushed against the drum when brakes come on.

Check for leaks in the fluid due to damaged brake pipes or worn-out seals, which can cause brake failure. The most obvious sign that the brake pads are wearing in a different way is that your car is likely to move toward one side while you brake. This is a sign that you must have them examined.


When a clutch is hydraulic fluid, the clutch is operating smoothly , and also helps to prevent wear and wear and tear. If you notice that when you acceleration, the engine’s revs rise quicker than the vehicle is actually moving It could be that your clutch is wearing down. If this is the case, you should have it checked as quickly as you can – clutches that wear out eventually fail, which means you’ll be unable to shift gears. It is therefore important to examine the level of your clutch fluid and make sure that it’s replaced in accordance with the manual for your vehicle. Keep costs low and run your car in a safe manner.

The best method to ensure the performance of your vehicle running at a minimum is to maintain your vehicle efficiently. Automobiles don’t take care of themselves , and components wear out from the severe pressures and conditions they operate in. But, if you regularly check on your vehicle you will extend the lifespan of some components and ensure your vehicle is running smoothly between maintenance.

Always make sure that you get your vehicle maintained according to the guidelines in the driver’s manual. If you don’t do this, it could result in excessive wear and tear on your vehicle, resulting in problems and expensive repairs. Failure to get your vehicle maintained could result in safety-critical components are not inspected, and could pose a risk.

Fan belt

If the fan belt begins sliding (you will know this as soon as you can hear the sound! ) It could be that it is not be properly tensioned. It could cause your battery to go empty and not getting recharged. In the worst case it could cause it to not be able to run the cooling fan, leaving you in costly and serious damage due to the engine being overheated.


It might sound simple however, make sure that you are fuel-efficient prior to launching your journey “breakdowns” caused by people who do not take this step are quite frequent. Regarding the quality of petrol , super unleaded is generally an expense and will not improve efficiency or extend the life of your engine when compared with normal unleaded gasoline.


If you notice an issue with leaks or leaks we recommend that you get them checked immediately. With the multitude of technologies in a modern vehicle that rely on special fluids or lubricants to operate correctly, it’s best to be cautious instead of being sorry.


It is recommended to regularly test all your bulbs and lights. Since they may fail in combination so it is best to get someone to check the rear and front while you are testing the bulbs. Make sure you check your brake indicators and lights using the headlights turned switched off and on, since often a damaged earth could cause a problem if both lights are lit. It is not legal to drive with damaged or damaged lights.

Sometimes, you might be awestruck by cars that come by at night which seem to appear on the main beam. Most of the time, they’re not, it’s only the alignment is wrong. Be sure that they are aligned appropriately, dazzling can lead to accidents and can cause an MOT failure when they’re aimed too high.

Many people do not realize how crucial it is to have spare bulbs until they fail during an extensive trip. It is not widely known that it’s mandatory in the continent of Europe to have an emergency kit of bulbs. They can be purchased or stowed away in the vehicle and later replaced. It’s an affordable price to ensure your safety.

Check out the manual if you encounter issues. If the light or the bulb continue to not function after the bulb was replaced, it may be a problem with the fuse. Examine the fuse box, and locate the correct fuse and replace it when necessary.


It’s crucial that your engine is shielded with the correct amount of oil. Too less or too much may cause severe damage. Examine the oil level whenever the engine is at a cold temperature, when you do when the engine is been spinning on its own, oil might be higher in the dipstick, which could cause an inaccurate reading.

Regularly changing your oil removes the harmful contaminants and dirt which cause wear on your engine and wear, therefore adhering to your service intervals will increase the lifespan of the most important engine components. To make sure that your oil is in good shape and to ensure that it stays in good condition, it is recommended to replace the filter on your oil.

There are those who argue that it’s not so crucial on older high mile “bangers”, but an annual filter and oil change with branded oil could assist. High-performance and turbocharged cars can benefit from an intermediate oil change every 4000 miles, using premium synthetic oil.


Overheating could have devastating and costly results, and can cause warping of the head of the cylinder. It is therefore essential to test the level of coolant, especially in the event that the engine is cool. There’s more than just water modern multi-valve engines require a proper mixture of antifreeze and water with an inhibitor in order to ensure that the engine stays cool. It will also shield the internals from corrosion.

It’s also essential to check your hoses to make sure there aren’t leaks.


Look to see if there is “play” on your steering wheel. It shouldn’t have too much movement, even without rotating the wheel in the front. If you feel your car is pulling towards one side and the opposite, you should check your wheel and steering alignment.

To ensure, check this out on a flat surface. Many roadways have an incline or camber, toward the kerb. This can have the effect of pulling your car toward the kerb while you’re driving.

Timing belt

The timing belt is the link between lower and upper engine parts typically concealed by the cover of plastic. If this belt fails, your car , it may run poor, or the engine could “cease up”, causing severe destruction to the engine. Go through your manual to determine what the recommended interval to change the timing belt. Make sure you adhere to the recommended interval!


Always check your pressures regularly and observe any indications of damage to your the tyre’s walls. Wearing tyres could be dangerous and could significantly reduce the stopping distances. The regulations on wear of tyres are tougher than ever before and it’s an ideal idea to change tires when tread depth is about 2 millimetres, to stay on the safe side.

Another thing to watch out for is whether the tyres are being worn equally. If a tyre wears greater on one end than on the other, you’ll have to check your tracking.

Be careful not to hit the kerbs while driving. It’s more risky than you think, causing serious damaging a tyre, without revealing any damage on the outside.

Make sure to inspect the spare wheel. Not just because you might need it in the future however, it’s also an offense to have an unreliable spare wheel. roadworthy.

Warning indicators

Be aware of warning lights take note of any changes in performance and listen to the vehicle – any changes or unusual sounds should be checked prior to the issue gets more serious.


Always ensure that there’s sufficient water in the reservoir for the windscreen washer and that the blades of your windshield are functioning correctly. It is recommended that you change your wiper blades at least every six months even if they’ve not been utilized frequently as the rubber begins to corrode when exposed to air.

It is beneficial to wash your screen all the time. In the summer , it is helpful to get rid of insects, and in winter, it helps stop freezing of water (check the label to determine the appropriate concentration).

Be sure to check for cracks, your vehicle may fail an MOT if the cracks are more than the specified size or located on the windscreen. If you’re uncertain, you can ask a professional to examine the area and give you advice.