Corona CA Divorce Attorneys Uphold Fathers’ Rights

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Corona CA Divorce Attorneys Uphold Fathers’ Rights

When it comes to child custody, spousal support, and divorce, Corona CA views both mothers’ and fathers’ rights and responsibilities as equal. &nbs

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When it comes to child custody, spousal support, and divorce, Corona CA views both mothers’ and fathers’ rights and responsibilities as equal.


If you’re a husband who has just gone through a divorce in Corona CA, you might be wondering what custody rights you have, if you have any. It’s no surprise, women are seen as the “nurturing” ones, the vulnerable ones, the ones that must be protected. On the other hand, men are viewed as the strong ones, the stable ones who must provide and always give way to women. But is that really the case?


Well, if you are talking about the previous laws, it’s easy to think that the court might be gender-biased when it comes to family law. But that’s not how things are right now. In Corona CA, the family court views the mother’s and father’s rights as equal. That means when it comes to cases regarding spousal support, divorce, or child custody, both sexes have equal rights and responsibilities. That said, you can ensure that your rights are protected by seeking the services of experienced Corona CA divorce attorneys.



Father’s Rights In Child Custody

Since Corona CA is a gender-neutral state, filing for divorce here will give you and your ex-spouse equal rights when it comes to property division, financial arrangements, and child custody.


As a father, you have the right to spend time with your child. Do not assume immediately that the court will favor the mother in child custody disputes. You’re both their parents, so you both have a say in the upbringing of your child.


Now, if the court does grant the mom custody, it’s not the end of your fatherly duties. You still have visitation rights to spend time with your little one. But it doesn’t end there. You can also help in deciding your kids’ upbringing like their healthcare needs, their education, their extra-curricular activities, and places they’ll travel.


Men’s Disadvantage In Divorce

There’s this biased connotation that since you’re the man, you’re supposed to be the household’s primary provider. But that’s not always the case. In this modern world, women can be, and most often, the higher wage earner in the family. There are even marriages where the man agrees to be the stay-at-home husband to care for the kids.


So, keeping this situation in mind, if the court inclines toward gender for spousal support, men will be at a great loss. Imagine having a lesser income than your wife, then during the divorce, they’ll get the little assets you have, what will you be left with? The good news is, that there are Corona CA divorce attorneys that are ready to fight for your rights.


Protecting Father’s Rights In Divorce And Child Custody

If you’re a man with lesser income, you can, and you should, file for spousal support. Never assume that just because you’re the husband, you’re the one who should pay alimony and give up assets. No. Again, people strive for gender equality in this modern world. Divorce and child custody fall under that. So what should you do?


Never Make Assumptions

Nothing is “a given” when it comes to family law. Not just because you’re the husband that you’re automatically on the losing side. No. Times have changed. The court now recognizes that they must thoroughly evaluate each marriage before making a decision regarding the divorce. Your spouse’s divorce lawyer may trap you in the corner saying you have a few options regarding your case, but that’s not true. Remove those assumptions from your mind and give way to the best constructive decisions you can make with the right people.


How The Right Corona CA Divorce Lawyers Can Help You

Facing a divorce case as a man will put you in a tight spot. There will be judging eyes assuming you’re in the wrong, that you’re at fault for breaking your marriage. But that’s not always true. Situations differ from one couple to another. There are details that the public eye does not see. There are private matters that must be resolved internally. That is when Corona CA divorce attorneys come into the picture.


With the Moore Family Law, your father’s rights will be upheld and your case will be capably presented to the court. They know how to get the justice you deserve. Contact them now to set up a consultation with one of their experienced father’s rights lawyers