6 FAQs Regarding Laser Eye Surgery


6 FAQs Regarding Laser Eye Surgery

As is often the case, the worries and concerns individuals feel before surgery, consultations, or even a regular doctor’s appointment seem disproporti

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As is often the case, the worries and concerns individuals feel before surgery, consultations, or even a regular doctor’s appointment seem disproportionate and an overreaction after the fact. No procedure more accurately fits neatly into this category than laser eye surgery.

So, whether you are considering this procedure or already have the surgery booked, here are six frequently asked questions regarding laser eye surgery that may help to put you at ease if you are feeling anxious about this. Knowledge can quite often be the power you need to take back control of fear and worries.

1.    How Long Does Laser Eye Surgery Take?

Typically, the actual surgery itself takes just under twenty minutes. Now, as ever, surgery is entirely individual, do not worry if you seem to be waiting longer than you anticipated after the nurse has given you the introductory checks. There could be a number of factors affecting the time it takes for your surgery to be conducted, and this by no means there is an issue of any kind.

2.    How Much Does It Cost?

When laser eye surgery was merely a new and innovative process only affordable to the wealthy, it cost considerably more than simply maintaining your glasses and wearing contact lenses when appropriate. These days, technological advancements have ensured that laser eye surgery is now surprisingly reasonably priced, especially considering the life-changing results a patient experiences after the procedure and healing time are complete. Now there are financing plans that are interest-free, meaning it is more affordable to more people – you can learn more about laser eye surgery cost here.

3.    Does it Hurt?

For the majority of laser eye surgery patients, especially if they have one or more cataracts, they are given specially designed eye drops containing an anesthetic element, which will result in the entire procedure being basically free of pain.

4.    Are Both Eyes Done at the Same Time?

Regardless of your reason for electing to book laser eye surgery, it is highly likely that you will eventually be requiring both eyes to be treated. However, as it is typical for the surgeon to place loose bandages over your eye after surgery and then for you to wear a protective shield, the procedure will be conducted on one eye and then the other.

Depending on your age, health conditions, and other environmental factors, your other eye will be booked in either on the same day, week, or month.

5.    What Happens After The Surgery?

After the surgery, you will be taken to a recovery room as you readjust after having been on the bed, whereby you will be given a glass of water and time to rest. You will be wearing bandages and a protective shield. It is also important to highlight that you need to forego swimming or even paddling in the pool or sea for at least a clear fortnight after the day of your laser eye surgery.

6.    How Long Do the Results of Laser Eye Surgery Last?

Generally, the positive and, in some cases, life-changing effects of laser eye surgery last for your entire lifetime. However, there are always exceptions to this general rule, with a handful of patients each year finding that they experience a regression to one level or another. In these cases, they will then be booked in for another procedure, either consisting of an enhancement of the first or secondary surgery.